Imagine the Possibilities.

Imagine the Opportunity.

Imagine the Future.

Several years ago, this community embarked on a bold journey known as Imagine.  Thousands participated in an effort to define the future, to dream big, and to prioritize community initiatives.  Five visionary elements for the future were identified, yet one project kept rising to the 
top of the list: a state-of-the-art sports facility to extend the visitor season all year long and provide local youth with top-notch training facilities.


We have imagined, and now we must build.


Projects of this magnitude are not easy.  It takes time to evaluate multiple options, revise conceptual drawings, and match desired features with a likely budget.  It also takes time to refine an operating budget which can be sustained over the long term.  It takes time to identify the right locations and the right partners.


The project could have either been done quickly or it could have been done right.  We chose to do it right.


Contained in this brochure is a summary of nearly 7 years’ worth of work.  Several studies conducted by experts in their field contributed to the project’s scope, as did interviews with dozens of community and business leaders.  I am convinced that the right plan is now in place, and I hope you will jump on board.  Help do this for the community.



Two Facilities, One Goal:  Become THE Destination for Youth Sports

This project is about many things. One of them is capturing the economic opportunity from the youth sports market.  Greater Burlington already does that April – October with the Burlington Regional RecPlex.  On any given weekend, families from all over the Midwest travel to this community and spend a small fortune on their mini-vacation.  For the most part, that activity stops during the winter months.

The two facilities proposed with this project will extend the visitor season to all 12 months of the year.  The basketball and volleyball facility, called The Courts, will be a state-of-the-art new construction building located on the Southeastern Community College campus. It will be utilized by local athletes, SCC students, and weekend tournaments.  The soccer and field-related sports facility, called The Turf, will provide ample and flexible space for large-scale tournaments week after week.


FunCity Turf

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March 2018 Basketball Facility Concept-7

1500 West Agency Rd
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FunCity Turf

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