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Director of Sports & Facilities

Greater Burlington Area Sports Facilities


Position Description and Specification


POSITION TITLE:                            Director of Sports and Facilities             


CLASSIFICATION:                          Professional Services                                                                                     


IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:           President – GBASF Board of Directors                                           


This position provides the opportunity for an individual to help Greater Burlington Iowa brand itself as a sports destination. The Director of Sports and Facilities will provide vision and leadership for the GBASF programs by developing plans, organizing, coordinating, and managing all aspects of The Turf – Soccer, Softball, Batting Cages, and future Turf related sports/activities.  The Director is responsible for marketing; managing schedules, staff, budgets and public relations for all programs and is responsible for all records necessary for appropriate reporting.  The Director develops and implements the appropriate guidelines/handbooks for the safe operation of the programs and The Turf facility and in accordance to the Board Policies. The Director is also the manager of facilities and equipment, which are part of the programs/facility. The Director will also network with far reaching regional teams and clubs to establish additional tournaments and activities for the facility. The Director also interfaces/communicates with the Rec Plex administration, area schools systems, the YMCA, Southeastern Community College, area leagues and teams, the GBASF Board and the Greater Burlington Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree desired; or a combination of education and experience

  • Athletic administration, sports management or other related athletic experience preferred.

  • Strong sales and marketing experience with background in athletic tournament solicitation and development preferred.

  • Established contacts in competitive youth athletic tournament industry, including athletic tourism.

  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with youth, colleagues and community.

  • Self-motivated, energetic and creative individual with proven leadership, planning, and public relations skills.

  • Demonstrated success, organizational skills, and integrity in managing athletic endeavors.

  • Strong human relations and interpersonal communication skills to interact positively with diverse personalities and populations.

  • Ability to handle confidential matters with discretion.

  • Express oneself clearly and effectively in oral and written form.

  • Supervision and assessment/evaluation of staff.

  • Working knowledge of computer software applications, including Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Valid driver’s license.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Supervise all aspects of the athletic programs and facilities in conjunction with Board Polices and Guidelines. 

  • Oversee all operations of the athletic programs and facilities.

  • Develop, implement, and communicate program philosophy and goals with the patrons of the facilities.

  • Develop, pursue, organize and sell athletic tournament activities for the facilities focused on creating overnight stays of participants in the community as a means to foster economic growth and athletic tourism.

  • Envision, research and formulate an aggressive plan for The Turf with regards to: marketing, tournament recruitment/ scheduling- including competitive, schools, leagues, and use by the SCC athletics/students.

  • Develop, implement, and maintain policies and procedures with guidelines for managing the sports programming and facilities.

  • Ensure that all guidelines for personnel actions are properly managed according to GBASF requirements and that they adhere to all state and federal laws and regulations.

  • Establish, implement, and maintain an organizational structure that clearly defines reporting lines, key tasks and responsibilities.

  • Develop, implement, and monitor fiscal planning of The Turf programming and facilities, including budget management.

  • Coordinate and manage all program-related purchasing, expense, and travel requests, including timely and effective processing and maintenance records.

  • Formulate and implement athletic policies including long-range planning with regard to department personnel, additional sports, budget, and facilities.

  • Coordinate activities and use of The Turf in cooperation with the SCC Director of Intercollegiate Sports, the YMCA, the school systems, and other area clubs and teams.

  • Serve as chief advocate for GBASF programs in the community. Coordinate and deliver internal and external publicity and media relations related to The Turf and programs/activities as needed.

  • Facilitate meetings at the beginning of each term with area coaches, college athletic personnel, area athletic club teams, the YMCA and area schools regarding participation expectations.

  • Organize and process game officials’ contracts and pay for each sport competition.

  • Maintain a day-to-day knowledge of operations within the department.


  • Develop a standard “game day” is tested and in proper working order before an event begins and an administrator is on site for the proper administration of events and activities within the facilities.


  • Serve as an advocate for all teams and assist individual players/coaches/clubs with challenges, concerns and conflicts related to The Turf program/activities.

  • Advertise, hire and supervise additional staff with the approval of the Board. Supervise and evaluate the performance of the staff within the department and provide for their continued professional growth and development. 


  • Hold or obtain a current CPR and First Aid training certificate.  Ensure any onsite supervising personnel are equally trained and certified within a reasonable time-frame of employment.


  • Participate in local, state, and national meetings as directed.

  • Represent the GBASF in the most positive manner with former, prospective and current players/teams, parents, coaches, regulating bodies, educational institutions and the communities we serve.

  • Other duties as assigned.


Availability to work on a basis of “available as work demands” rather than a fixed schedule is required.  The Director of Sports and Facilities must be available to staff as their needs demand.

The Director of Sports and Facilities will abide by the employment contract and relevant policies and guidelines of the GBASF Board of Directors.

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