FUnCity Turf

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fun City Turf?

We are a 94,000 square foot facility with Field Turf artificial grass like surface.  We are a air supported facility, which means we have air running/blowing nearly 100% of the time to keep us inflated.  We are owned and operated by the Greater Burlington Area Sports Facilities, a 501c3 non-profit group. We are a separate entity from the Burlington RecPlex.


What is the temperature inside the facility?

Our temperature is partly based on the conditions outside the facility.  We do have heat during the winter, but I do suggest dressing warmly.  We are more comfortable for the competitor than the spectator during the winter months.

We do not have air conditioning the facility.  During these brief couple of months of warm weather, we’ve discovered that we do tend to stay 5-10 degrees cooler than outside (much cooler during the mornings into early afternoon).  We can get humid and stuffy depending weather conditions outside.


What do you have for seating?

We do have some picnic tables by the concession stand and on the mezzanine, but it is highly recommended that patrons bring their own folding/collapsible chair.  Chairs may be placed on the concrete.  We currently do not allow chairs on the Turf surface during tournaments.


How should I enter and exit the facility?
We have an revolving door as a main entrance and exit. We also have a set of air lock doors. The air lock doors must be opened one at a time. Both being open at the same time will cause a rush of air to leave the facility and potentially take you with it. It’s not an immediate threat to the facility, but it could cause injury to the person not following the instructions on the doors. We highly suggest anyone that is able to, use the revolving door.


Do I need to worry about the facility collapsing?

There are many fail safes as part of the facility and even if those fail, it would take hours for the facility to fully deflate.  We have a natural gas generator (power loss) and a stand by blower fan (low air pressure).  Weather we have to worry about are tornadoes and heavy snow.  We will evacuate during a tornado warning and the facility will be closely monitored and increasingly heated during snow fall. 


What your outside food policy, as well as gum, seeds and peanuts?
We have a concession stand, we sell coffee, cappuccinos and hot chocolate as well as many other items. We take credit cards as well as cash. We take great pride in our turf so we ask that no gum, seeds or peanuts are brought into the facility.  We do reserve the right to remove individuals, coaches, patrons and/or a team if rules are not followed.


Do you sell alcohol?

We sell select Anheuser-Busch beer and seltzer.   We will have a cut off time dependent on scheduling of games. Must be at least 21 years of age to purchase and consume alcohol.  We reserve the right to refuse service.  Alcohol may not be available at certain events.  


What do I need to watch for?
There may be two games or practices going on at the same time and teams warming up. When you're on the concrete surrounding the field and not behind a net, please be aware of the chances of a softball/baseball/soccer ball coming in your direction. We do stanchion off areas close to the dugout. This is to try to keep spectators out of a line of fire of a foul liner. We are looking into adding more netting.  We suggest that if you’re not behind netting, stay alert of what is going on around you.


What is the parking situation like?
We do have limited paved parking.  Additional parking is available in the RecPlex parking lot. Please do not park on the sidewalks or block the entire road. 


Road work update: South Broadway extension has been completed and additional parking spots on the RecPlex side has been completed, as have sidewalks linking the two facilities.  Work on Hinkle Dr. (Connecting West Burlington Ave. to South Broadway) will resume in Spring 2020.


Can I bring a wagon inside?
Leave them at home or in your vehicle. We run out of space quickly when they are brought in by multiple teams and parents.


Can I have my kid whom is not competing play on the Turf?

We do ask that if you are bringing additional siblings along, that they refrain from throwing objects/balls on the turf. We have had outfield fences taken out by kids playing around while a game was in play.


I see the promoter has additional rules or different rules than what the Fun City Turf releases

Each event/promoter may have rules and policies that go above and beyond our rules.  One such example may be turf shoes and tennis shoes only for certain softball tournaments.  The promoter may choose to add these in case to operate their tournaments in a way they feel optimizes in further eliminates possible issues.  As long as they do not go directly against our policies and procedures, we will allow it.  


Our full policies and procedures are listed on our website as well as our Facebook page.


We are a new(ish) facility that will still have some more work done as we fine tune some things. We appreciate your cooperation and are always open to ideas and suggestions to improve your experience